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Flamenco is an artistic expression resulting from the fusion of vocal music, the art of dance and musical accompaniment, called respectively CANTE, BAILE Y TOQUE. The cradle of flamenco is the region of ANDALUCIA located in the south of Spain, although it also has roots in other regions such as Murcia and Extremadura.

EL CANTE: The flamenco song is usually interpreted by a man or a woman. It expresses feelings and moods like: PENALTY, JOY, TRAGEDY, DISCOUNT AND FEAR, through sincere and expressive words, characterized by its conciseness and simplicity.

EL BAILE: The flamenco dance, dance of PASSIONATION AND SEDUCTION, also expresses a whole series of emotions, ranging from sadness to joy. His technique is complex and the interpretation is different, according to who interprets it: if it is a man it will dance with great force, resorting mainly to the feet; And if it is a woman it will execute it with more sensual movements.

EL TOQUE: flamenco guitar is also accompanied by other instruments such as castanets, and also with palms and heels.

Flamenco is interpreted in religious festivities, rituals, sacramental ceremonies and private parties.
It is a sign of the identity of numerous groups and communities, especially the Roma ethnic community that has played an essential role in its evolution.
The dynasties of artists, families, flamenco bands and social groups play a decisive role in the preservation and diffusion of this art.